Cloth Diaper Repairs and Customizations

We offer repairs and customization on many different brands of cloth diapers.  Prices can vary by brand, so please send us an email or a message on Facebook for a more detailed quote.

Please do not send diapers without getting in touch with us first.  We have a list of orders to get through and want to make sure we have time dedicated to your diapers so you can receive them back in a timely manner.  Diapers sent without notice will be sent back at your expense.  Please ensure you have given us instructions as to what you want done and any other relevant information.


Custom embroidery takes time and skill to design.  Payment is due before the designing process starts. There are no exceptions to this policy.


$7-$15 per diaper, includes all of the elastics in the diaper.  May not include elastics in the gusset.  Email for more information

Fleece Replacement:

$20 per diaper (includes elastics).  Select diaper brands only (Applecheeks, AMPs), please email if you are unsure. We are willing to do other diapers, but please message before sending.  

Pul Added:

$25 (includes fleece and elastics)  Select diaper brands only (Applecheeks and AMPs).  Please email for more information or to check if we can do a different brand before sending. 

Complete Snap Change:

$8 a diaper.  We do not charge for single snap replacements on snaps that have fallen off. (not including postage)


$25 and up per diaper.  Embroidery is backed with a pul pocket to make the diaper water resistant again.  Not all diapers are able to have embroidery done on them.  Please email for more information.  

Diapers can be sent to: 
Leanne Schmidt
1981 19th Ave SE
Salmon Arm BC
V1E 1N6
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